An unsolved charade

Starting off with a complete new aspect of an indiscriminate world. It apparently is like turning a page of a new book I have started reading. Where I know there are going to be so many experiences, that will engulf me in the coming pages. However, I still reside amidst the whiffs of suspense and expectations.
I am pretty much perplexed if I may dig out the staggering and stacked up thoughts which reside in the back of my mind and let the dams of welled up emotions break loose. So, I gradually close my eyes in the hope of disappearing off the face of the earth, which was one thing out of the ordinary. Because I most certainly was concerned about my cyber-life than the real one, or maybe it was something I loved fantasizing about? Well, I choose the latter part. I thus left the fragile spirits far behind and stepped into a different environment. Amidst the smashing cool breeze, I found myself waddle on the smooth surface, leaving  indelible footprints onto it. Suddenly, the chanting of the crafty birds fidgeted with no wonder what, drew my gathered attention. Followed by the frenzied leaves, panicked air and dancing stems swinging along the direction of wind had converted my withered and subdued smile into a beaming one. The beauty of it was a sensuous spell one could ever cast over me. I seemed oblivious of all situations. To my utter shock, I was unburdened and relaxed. I never wanted to reminisce over all the traumatic thoughts and feelings that’d hit me so hard. I did not want myself to go through the catastrophic phase all over again as I once had been through. All I wanted was to break the barrier of worries and scamper off the seemingly delusional world.
But oh well, to some extent I was succeeding. I felt triumphant. Gone were the thoughts of prudence. I do not know if I am relieved to let go all the painful distractions. I am isolated from the world now and pretty much glad that it tempted me doing something I might not regret. But hey, this is not all where I belong. All the thoughts and imaginations seemed to have vanished by just one swift blow of air. Lo and behold, I got myself exactly where I had left; thinking and to be more precise, dreaming. I now pace back and forth to bring back what I thought was mine, the never ending dreams, unanswered questions, untold secrets and an unsolved charade. I regret, if I had not dragged back to the practical world, I would have been blended my poor self into this self-created enigma as long as I existed.

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Woman- A creature who vaporizes the clouds of gloom

A soul who’s been descended upon earth

Whose heart is impearled with the beads of love

An integral part of our gloomy life

eternally grateful to the sacrifices she disguises

A miniature version of an angel,who’s known as a woman

Strangling her wishes for the sake of her off springs and man

For a child she stands like a defensive shield

Stubbornly fighting back in every distinct field


The reality and facts hidden in her blaze

can only be recognize, if at her you gaze

Her existence is synonymous to the presence of Almighty

Does she deserve to be buried like a stain of life?


No, she’s worth wearin’ a crown of pride

’cause she holds an upright character

As a teacher, none can comprehend her sympathetic nature

laying her hands on our shoulder like a supportive gesture

the role of a sister can never be of negligence

She’s a Gem, concealing all her troubles and grievances

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Woman is therefore, a wife too

analyzing her man’s tragic without any clue

Thus, the services of a woman are divine

who has devoted her life with a beaming smile

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The Difficulty of Finding Medical Help for Survivors Who Have Been Struck by Lightning


“Finding a doctor who knows anything about a lightning strike is next to impossible,” says Tamara Pandolph-Peary, 46, who was struck by lightning in August 2010, in the parking lot of the Springfield, Illinois, Men’s Warehouse where she worked.

Following her accident, Pandolph-Peary forgot how to use everyday objects, like a potato peeler; she could no longer get from point A to point B in her hometown; she suffered migraines and fatigue; she tripped over her sentences or suddenly lost the ability to understand what other people were saying; she was often dizzy and off-balance; she had tremors and chronic pain, and would unpredictably lose control of various body parts; and every now and then, when her nerves were on fire, even the slightest touch was painfully intense.

“I struggled with the ‘Why me?’ initially,” she says. “There was a time I was angry. There was a time I really…

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